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  The number of black entrepreneurs is steadily increasing in America but it still only accounts for a small percentage of business owners. Working together we can build black business growth. When pursuing a business venture its important to know all of the opportunities that are out there and available to you. Opportunities such as grants and low interest business loans can make all the difference to making your small business a success.
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Business Planing

Starting A Small Business
Starting a small business in today’s economy can be intimidating, especially if this is your first business.  You have your idea, now you need to do your research, create a business plan and organize your finances to give your small business the best chance for success.  By following this step-by-step guideline, your and your business will be more prepared to take on the competitive market. Starting a small business continued...

Creating A Business Plan

Your business plan can make or break your business before it is even started. The business plan that you write will be the foundation for getting financial backing, finding suppliers and making your business a financial success. Do not underestimate the power of your small business plan; it will help keep you on track with your budget and overall business goals. Creating a business plan cont...

Small Business Loans
You may have noticed that money lending is a bit tight these days and new loans have more requirements and are harder to secure. When you apply for a loan be prepared to answer questions, provide documentation and be someone that your lender wants to invest in. Your job, as the proprietor, is to make your business as appealing as possible while staying honest and providing all the facts to the lender.
Small business loans continued...

Business Requirements & Steps


Making business happenHow To Register My Business
From the beginning you need to ensure that you follow all the steps in registering your business to avoid problems in the future. During registration you will make your business official in the eyes of the federal and local governments; you will firmly establish your business name and be launched in your community. Registering my business continued...

Small Business Insurance

The terminology “business insurance” refers to a specific insurance coverage that protects a business against loss and what it covers will depend on what is specified and how the policy is worded. Insurance for my small business continued
Personal Finance

Building Credit
Lenders are becoming stricter about the loans they offer, and this comes at a time where many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Having good credit history can help anyone get through a tough period, such as being laid off at work, or unexpected bills. We will all need to use a line of credit at some point, but if it is not available to us, we may not have very many options to get money. Title pawn and payday loans may seem appealing, but they are very high risk and expensive. Website such as Paylessbills.com are a great resource in learning about personal credit, loans and insurance. Anyone's best option is to build a good credit...  Building Credit continued

Home Equity Loans
Your home can be your greatest financial asset; proving that you have accrued equity on your home will open up new opportunities for receiving loans and gleaning new investments with lower interest rates. Your home equity, in simplified terms, is the current value of your home minus your remaining mortgage payments. The leftover value represents the amount of your home that you actually own and is called equity... continue Home Loans

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